bh path Anim

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bh_pathAnim is a robust and flexible new tool for path animation in Maya.
My goal was to make it simple and intuitive to attach any rig, with any number of limbs and body controls, to a path and animate it walking or running along it. It will work for bipeds, quadrupeds, insects etc. and includes a function to bake the path animation back to the rig. Tested in Maya 2015-2023.
The Zip includes the script, an icon for it and two videos - one demonstrates the full workflow from installation to final baked animation and the other shows how I like to plus and detail the animation while the rig is still attached to the path system.
For more information please see these videos :

(Overview) :

Other videos on the tool, including a full workflow demo :

Update1 - Dec 14 2017 - I've created a new tool that now comes bundled with this one called 'bh_footLocker', it makes it much faster to fix foot slip, please see this video for more details :

Update 2 - Dec 21 2017 - I've added Z-Up Maya support, a tool for fixing stretching in your rig, some tools for projecting/rebuilding and reversing the path curves and I've built the footLocker tool in so it no longer needs to be installed separately. The update zip includes the newer version of the script and 2 videos on the new tools.

Update 3 - July 27 2018 - Please see this short video for a demonstration of the latest features and improvements :

I have now added Studio/Site and Educational license versions that can be purchased directly via Gumroad. For other inquiries please contact me at

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bh path Anim

14 ratings
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