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PLEASE NOTE! bh_animMetronome requires either Maya 2020 (or newer) OR AnimBot - please do not purchase if you have an older version of Maya without AnimBot installed as it will not work!

bh_animMetronome is a new animation tool for Maya that allows you to quickly create bookmarks based on musical timings. Just enter a BPM (beats per minute) value and press the button to have it mark the timeline using either native bookmarks (Maya 2020+) or AnimBot bookmarks. Use these as guides for animating to music or simply as ways to inspire more interesting timing in animation not based on music.

The tool comes with a shelf icon and a READ ME on how to install.

Bite-sized video tutorials on using the tool :
Installing and Launching the tool in Maya :
How to use the main features :
Whole Frames Only option explained :
How to save your favorite settings :

All four videos above are included in the download when the tool is purchased.

More videos are on the way of how to approach using it creatively,
the first of which is now online here :

Music forAnimators Part 1 - Basic Beats
or YouTube version:

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